What Is Brain-Based Chiropractic?

Most chiropractors primarily focus on the muscles and joints of your spine. At Vibrance we take a different approach. Our primary focus is your brain. Your brain coordinates every part of your body. If your brain isn’t working right your body can’t work right.

No matter what health challenges you may be dealing with, our goal is always to address the underlying cause. If your brain controls your body and your body isn’t working right that must mean that your brain isn’t controlling your body correctly. Brain-based chiropractic is an approach to chiropractic care that focuses on improving your brain function so you can have a healthier body and a better life.

What causes brain dysfunction?

Most brain dysfunction is caused by chronic stress. Stress is a natural part of life. Ideally we have stress in short-lived experiences that we quickly recover from. Chronic stress alters the way your brain works and how well it can coordinate your body. Your ability to recover from stress is essential to a healthy brain and a healthy body. Chiropractic adjustments reduce the damaging affects of stress by improving your brain’s ability to recover.  

How Can We Improve Your Brain Function?

In order to get the best results we use a combination of specific chiropractic adjustments, Brain Tap, and brain-based exercises. Modern research has shown that adjusting your spine changes your brain. Your spine is surrounded by hundreds of tiny muscles and millions of nerves that constantly tell your brain what’s happening in your body. By adjusting specific areas of your spine we can send bursts of input into specific areas of your brain that aren’t working correctly. Brain Tap is a headset that uses light and sound to help your brain relax. Click here to learn more.

Before we can improve your brain function we first have to know which specific parts of your brain aren’t working right. We use cutting edge technology called the Neuroinfiniti to determine how well your brain is recovering from stress and a brain-based exam to assess what parts of your brain may be out of balance. Click here for more about what to expect on your first visit.