What is brain tap?

BrainTap is a headset that uses a combination of light and sound to help your brain relax. These 15-20 minute sessions can help you sleep more deeply, think more clearly, and have more energy. When patients use BrainTap along with chiropractic care they get even better results.

 If you have tight muscles, brain fog, or trouble sleeping deeply, these are all signs that your brain is under chronic stress. When your brain is stressed it can get stuck in a habit of being revved up and busy all the time. BrainTap soothes your brain with music and light specifically designed to help you rest and recover from stress. After a series of BrainTap sessions most people experience better sleep, clearer thinking, and find it easier to relax.  

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Want to try Braintap at home for free?

Even if you don’t have a BrainTap headset you can still use the app with headphones and get tons of benefit. Click on the link below to receive a free 15-day trial. Once you set up your free account and download the app you can start listening right away. If you’re ready for less stress, better sleep and more energy click the link below for your free gift.