Humming To Reduce Stress

If you’ve ever heard the term “fight or flight” it was probably used to describe what happens when you have to “run away from a saber toothed tiger”. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never actually seen one. Even though I’ve never come face to face with a snarling prehistoric beast, goodness knows I’ve had my fair share of stress. In a modern context the term “fight or flight” describes what happens when you’re brain is having a stress response and your body is gearing up to survive. With all the stress of our modern world your brain and body can get stuck in survival mode which is no good for long term health. If you’re under chronic stress how do you get your brain and body out of survival mode and into health mode? As it turns out humming is a great strategy. When you sing or hum you activate your Vagus nerve which dampens your stress response and shifts your body into healing mode. Singing in the shower or humming along to music in the car are great ways to reduce your stress. Belt it out and enjoy!