What is brain tap?

Brain Tap is a headset that uses a combination of light and sound to help your brain relax. These 15-20 minute sessions can supercharge the results of your chiropractic care.

In order to understand the benefits of brain tap you have to know a little bit about brain waves. You can think of brain waves like RPMs in your car. Depending on the activity your brain is performing sometimes it gets revved up and sometimes it slows down and idles. These different speeds or frequencies are known as brain waves. 

With ideal function your brain gets revved up to be alert and deal with stress then it slows back down to rest and recover. Under chronic stress your brain can lose its ability to slow down and can get stuck in a revved up state. Brain Tap stimulates your brain with light and music that is specifically designed to slow your brain down so it can rest and recover. 

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What are the benefits Brain Tap

The health of a growing baby depends so much on the well-being of it's mother. Balancing a mom's spine and pelvis allows for more ease in the womb, creating an optimal space for a growing baby. Every part of a mom's body, including her womb, is coordinated by signals being sent from her brain through her spine and nervous system. Nurturing the health of her spine creates clear communication between her brain and body. With a clear brain-body connection every part of a mother's body works better, giving a growing baby the best possible chance for healthy development and a healthy life.