Ease : Balance : Comfort

A mom’s body goes through so many changes during pregnancy that often lead to stress, tension and discomfort. Chiropractic care is a wonderful support to help moms experience more ease, balance and comfort throughout the journey of pregnancy. Using specially designed cushions and gentle adjusting techniques we support moms to be comfortable and relaxed while receiving care. Dr. Jesse Morris is certified in The Webster Technique, a special approach to caring for pregnant moms that focuses on balancing the muscles, ligaments and joints of the pelvis.  Releasing tension as a mom's body changes allows for a more comfortable pregnancy as well as an easier labor and birth.

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A healthy life starts with

a healthy pregnancy

The health of a growing baby depends so much on the well-being of it's mother. Balancing a mom's spine and pelvis allows for more ease in the womb, creating an optimal space for a growing baby. Every part of a mom's body, including her womb, is coordinated by signals being sent from her brain through her spine and nervous system. Nurturing the health of her spine creates clear communication between her brain and body. With a clear brain-body connection every part of a mother's body works better, giving a growing baby the best possible chance for healthy development and a healthy life.